FY22 Legislative Agenda and Other Information

The 4 R Kids ECI Board support the Association of Early Childhood Area Boards and Advocates legislative agenda for FY22. The Association has been proactive in securing needed legislative language change and increased funding for Early Childhood Iowa area boards.

FY 22 Legislative Agenda

Below is a list of current legislators that serve the 4 R Kids ECI Area.

Elected Officals in 4 R Kids Area

Below is a one page document with a high level overview of the legislative process.

Legislative Overview

Below is a one page document how a bill becomes law.

How a bill becomes a law



About Debra Schrader

Debra Schrader is the Executive Director for the 4 R Kids ECI area board. Debra grew up in southwest Iowa and graduated from Prescott Community High School. As a non-traditional student she attended Southwestern Community College and earned an associate’s degree in accounting while raising a family on the family farm. Debra has been in the helping profession for more than 20 years and finds the work rewarding. Her passion is impacting policy and practice change and building collaborations. She is a lifelong learner, loves to dive into data, and is not afraid to think outside the box. Debra lives on the family farm with her husband David and has two grown daughters with families of their own. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family, traveling to the Caribbean, cooking/baking, gardening (especially flowers) and taking long walks at sunset.
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