COVID-19 Resources

Resources for COVID-19 Response

There have been many on-going updates regarding Iowa’s response to COVID-19. Updates and information is continuously being provided through the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH), the Iowa Department of Human Services, Child Care Resource and Referral, and Iowa Workforce Development. To stay informed with the most current information the following websites are the best resources available with data-informed and current information:

Internet and Data Access

Knowing that some families may have limited data packages with their mobile carriers, programs may need to assist families in accessing expanded services. The Federal Communication Commission’s Keep America Connected Pledge has more than 60 companies signed on to help low-income people avoid service disruptions during the COVID-19 emergency.

Self Care Resources

Five Tips for Managing Remotely During COVID-19

ACEs Connection has developed this guide for providing telehealth during the COVID-19 crisis, including technology you can use, legal considerations, and best practices for conducting sessions.

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Midwest ACEs Summit, the Psychological Trauma & Juvenile Justice Conference

Iowa ACEs 360 is teaming up with the Trauma Informed Care Project to bring three days of learning about how systems and communities can lead to trauma and how we can respond. You’re invited to attend the Midwest ACEs Summit, the Psychological Trauma & Juvenile Justice Conference, or both events!

Events will take place June 8-10, 2020, at the Holiday Inn Airport – Des Moines. Registration for both events will open in April 2020.

Monday, June 8, 2020 Midwest ACEs Summit -Hosted by the Iowa ACEs 360 Coalition –Presenters will focus on the expanded view of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) pyramid with an emphasis on how social context and historical trauma can lead to ACEs. Learn how this expanded view requires new ways to approach our policy, systems, and direct-service work.

Tuesday, June 9 – Wednesday, June 10, 2020 -Psychological Trauma & Juvenile Justice Conference Hosted by The Trauma Informed Care Project – Presenters will share out-of-the-box ideas to understand the root causes of trauma and to apply trauma-informed care strategies. Speakers:

  • Kim Richards, RN, NC-BC
  • Linda Chamberlain, PhD, MPH
  • Roy Wade
  • Anne Contreras, MACP, MFTi


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Legislative Agenda

The 4 R Kids ECI area board is supporting the Association of Early Childhood Iowa Area Boards and Advocates legislative agenda for 2020.


Here is a list of legislators in Adair, Dallas, Madison and Warren County.

Elected Officals in 4 R Kids Area 1-1-20

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Iowa Kids Count Data!

New county data snapshots from Iowa Kids Count take a deeper dive into the data, which outline 20 indicators of child and family health and well-being in every Iowa county. Our aim is to provide policymakers, educators, advocates, practitioners and engaged Iowans with the tools to make informed decisions around child and family issues.


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ACES Online Training

Many of you have heard of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences).  There is a free training and accessible to anyone. It has two Modules, each of which takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. You do not need to complete all lessons or both modules in one sitting. You may pick up wherever you left off.  Below is the link to the free ACEs training.

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2-1-1 Counts

2-1-1 Counts is a web-based tool to provide real-time, searchable, and visual presentations of data about community-specific needs of vulnerable populations. 2-1-1 Counts displays a count of 2-1-1 callers’ most pressing needs in usable form and reports data at the ZIP code, region, or call center level as recently as yesterday.  2-1-1 Counts enables users to check trends, make comparisons, and share information.

2-1-1 Counts enriches the dialogue in communities – especially among leaders – by calling attention to a wide range of factors that compromise the health and well-being of poor individuals and families.

Click here to see the most pressing needs in your community.




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Poverty Guidelines

Below are the new federal poverty guidelines.

Federal Poverty Guidelines FY20

Federal Poverty Guidlines FY19

Federal poverty guidelines 18

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Preschool Scholarships Available

Preschool Scholarships are available for children living in Adair, Dallas, Madison or Warren County. The Preschool Scholarships are located on the Iowa State University Extension Dallas County  website.


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