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Legislative Agenda

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Program Eligibility

A document has been created so you can see programs with certain income eligibility, click Income Eligibilities to learn more.

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Child Care Deserts

About 25% of  Iowa zip codes qualify for child care deserts.

Definition – a child care desert is a zip code that: (a)  has at least 31 kids under age 5 (b)  has at least one registered child care facility and (c)  has no more than 3 kids per each spot in a registered child care facility as defined by QRS-rated child care providers.

To learn more about child care deserts and detailed map of Adair, Dallas, Madison, and Warren County click here. 

To learn more about other areas of Iowa click here. This will be an interactive map.

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Mobile Food Pantrys

A mobile pantry is a farmer’s market style distribution targeted toward county’s with a need for additional pantry service. Mobile pantries provide an additional strategy toward bridging the food assistance gap, specifically in rural counties by providing an additional access point for food. For a current list of mobile food pantries visit Food Bank of Iowa.

Currently, there are mobile food pantries in Dallas, Madison, and Warren County.  Also see the Mobile Food Pantry Fact Sheet.

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Child Abuse Data

The most recent child abuse data for Iowa is now available on the Prevent Child Abuse Iowa website.


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Preschool Scholarships Available

Preschool Scholarships are available for children living in Adair, Dallas, Madison or Warren County. The Preschool Scholarships are located on the Warren County ISU Extension website or you can click Preschool Scholarships.


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The 5th Annual Appreciation Reception was held December 3, 2015 at Annelise Winery just east of Indianola.  The community, service providers, parents of young children and policy makers were in attendance.  We had the opportunity to hear the difference the 4 R Kids ECI funding makes with families and local programs.   A big thank you goes to Executive Director Jovanka Westbrook of Partners in Family Development for videotaping this special evening.

Family Support Services Testimonial – Parent Adrian McNew provided sincere testimonial and grateful thanks about the family support services her family received from Partners in Family Development. Here is the video.

Dental Services Testimonial – I-Smiles Coordinator from Warren County Public Health, Sarah Peterson provided a moving story about a four year old preschooler who was identified with severe tooth decay. Be sure to have a tissue handy as this is a tear jerker.  Here is the video.

Preschool Scholarship Testimonial – Pauline Samuelson received 4 R Kids ECI preschool scholarships and provided sincere testimonial. Dallas County Extension facilitates the preschool scholarships and other preschool supportive services. Here is the video.

Child Care Nurse Consultants Testimonial – The child care nurse consultants from New Opportunities and Warren County Health Services provided testimonials about nursing services provided to child care providers and preschools. Here is the video.

Why Early Childhood Matters – Shanell Wagler, office of Early Childhood Iowa, provided a moving closing for the evening as to why early childhood matters and the investment payoff for the future.

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Iowa Ranks 8th

The Opportunity Index is designed to provide a snapshot of what opportunity looks like at the state and county levels. The Index focuses on the conditions present in different communities and is designed to help local communities connect economic, academic, civic and other factors that support increased opportunity and economic mobility. More than 2,600 counties are graded A-F, giving policy makers and leaders a useful tool to identify areas of improvement and to gauge progress over time.  All 50 states are also ranked and Iowa ranked 8 of 50. Go to Opportunity Nation to find out how your county rates.

Below are documents for Adair, Dallas, Madison, and Warren County as well as the state of Iowa.





Opportunity-Index-2015-Fact-Sheet-IOWA 10-6-15

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Local Perspective on Early Childhood

Check out the latest quick video about the importance of early childhood.  Board Chairperson Bob Ockerman provides a unique perspective as a grandparent.

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