Legislative Talking Points

The 4 R Kids Early Childhood Iowa Area Board believes that children are our most precious resource and are advocates for a better future.  The 4 R Kids Early Childhood Iowa Area Board has issued their legislative agenda along with a companion document “Why Early Childhood is Important and Five Numbers to Remember About Early Childhood Development.”

Elected Officals in 4 R Kids Area

Legislative Agenda

Iowa Legislature Guide

Why Early Childhood is Important to the US

Why Early Childhood is Important

Five Numbers to Remember About Early Childhood Development


Did you know there are 9 legislators in the 4 R Kids ECI Area?  Download the document above to see who is in your county.  Additionally, the information has been cut and pasted below.

Representative Clel Baudler (district 20) (Republican)

2260 Hwy 25

Greenfield, IA  50849


Home phone (641) 743-6327


Representative Ralph Watts ( district 19) (Republican)

28232 Prospect Avenue

Adel, IA 50003


Home phone (515) 993-4850


Representative Rob Taylor (district 44) (Republican)

495 77th Street

West Des Moines IA 50266



Home phone (515) 240-7019


Representative Stan Gustafson (district 25) (Republican)

3139 Cumming Road

Cumming, IA 50061


Home phone (515) 981-0212

Cell phone (515) 559-4702


Representative Peter Cownie (district 42) (Republican)

650 S. Prairie View Drive #125

West Des Moines, Iowa 50266


Home phone (515) 865-7939

Cell phone (515) 664-8341


Representative Scott Ourth (district 26) (Democrat)

110 Timberlane

Ackworth, IA 50001


Cell phone (515) 208-7281


Senator Jake Chapman (district 10) (Republican)

1206 Lynne Drive

Adel, Iowa 50003


Cell phone (515) 650-3942

Home phone (515) 402-3203


Senator Charles Schneider (district 22) (Republican)

7887 Cody Drive

West Des Moines, IA 50266


Cell phone (515) 554-3213

Home phone (515) 554-3213


Senator Julian Garrett (district 13) (Republican)

19978 115th Avenue

Indianola, IA 50125


Home phone (515) 971-0883