Board Process Committee

Board Process Committee Overview

The Board Processes Committee is designated to evaluate the by-laws, vision and mission statements, legislation compliance, Board trainings, Board structure, nomination of officers, and out-reach/advocacy activities. Members of the community may be invited at the discretion of the board. Recommendations from this committee shall be presented to the early childhood Iowa area board for action.

Agendas Minutes

Agenda 2-7-23

Agenda 8-25-22

Agenda 2-8-22

Agenda 8-25-21

Agenda 2-10-21

Agenda 8-25-20

Minutes 2-7-23

Minutes 8-25-22

Minutes 2-8-22

Minutes 8-25-21

Minutes 2-10-21

Minutes 8-25-20


Older agendas and minutes can be found in the Board Process Committee Archive